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  Suddenly Angels 
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Matthew Thomas Cusick

02/14/94 - 4/28/94

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome


You are forever and ever in our lives and our hearts, Matthew.


Love, Mommy

Christina Marie Enos

03/13/94 - 07/31/94 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome


Mathias Lefebvre

06/06/97 - 02/11/99

Unexplained Sudden Death



Justin Thomas Colley

5/74 - 6/74



We love you! Mom misses you very much! Until we meet, Big Bro...

Your loving little sis,



So many things I would love to say 

Why did you have to go away?

So many times I wish you were here

To say Hey my big brother is near!

All the things we would have gone through together

But still, we'll be bonded forever.

God took you for a reason and that reason, I don't know,

But when it's my heaven I'll go.

And when I get there, then I will see

That heaven is where you had to be.

Until then, I promise that your memory will live on...

Just like day's every dawn.

Zachary Thomas Johnson

12/14/99 - 4/27/2000




Mommy, Daddy, Chrissy and Kailey love and miss you very much and will always love you.

Justin Anthony James Daws

06/19/99 - 08/30/00




You will always be loved and will remain in our hearts.


Ryan "Ryany" Garnier Sanfrancesco

12/22/98 - 07/27/00




Ryany, our beautiful boy, when we think of you we see your big brown eyes and

long eyelashes, your rosy cheeks and rosebud lips, your beaming smiling face

and belly laugh and most of all your big heart and gentle nature.


We adore you.  You lit up our whole world. Although our hearts ache without

you, we know that you are now with all your new angel friends and that you

will share with them your happy and beautiful spirit. We long to be with you



Lots of love always, Mum and Dad




Justin Anthony James Daws

06/19/99 - 08/30/00




You will always be loved and will remain in our hearts.


Tiffany Renee Thomas

05/14/96 - 08/17/96




I love you with all my heart, and I would move heaven and earth if I could, just to hold you one more time. We will be together one day, but for now, save a place for us. 

Love you,



Emelie Landell


 - 10/03/98


My darling daugther, take take of yourself and your little sister.

I love you both so much!