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Alexander Diego Gaston

09/21/98 - 07/28/00


Acute Angle of Origin of the Right Coronary Vessel

Oh God, I love Alex so much. I miss searching for the moon (he would say "Luna") every night...I miss playing hide and seek...I miss the car rides...I miss laying on our backs on the backyard and pointing out the planes "pane papi!"...I miss it all.

- Alex's papi


Faith Evalyn Rose Sennett

05/30/99 - 07/17/99

Congenital Heart Defect


Christopher Faller

05/07/90 - 08/08/97

Viral complications after successful piggyback heart transplant

Our bravest boy...forever in our hearts.

Devon Ray Coon

03/23/97 - 03/24/97

Congenital Heart Defect 


Always on my mind...forever in my heart.



Kaelyn Rebekah Garza

11/21/97 - 04/08/98

DiGeorge Syndrome


Harry George Cresser

02/10/00 - 04/17/00

Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Sweet Child O' Mine - You will always be our precious Little Guy!!

Sarah Franklin

01/07/97 - 05/04/99

Tetrology of Fallot


Hi Sarah bear! We love you so much and are

so thankful for you...We are so blessed to have you...and are so thankful

that we know you are alive in Heaven.......We miss you here but we know

Heaven must be amazing.  Hold on to these balloons until we can hold on to each other again.


All our love, Mommy, Daddy, Kady-bo and Hannah (twin sister to Sarah)

Faith Elizabeth Moore 08/15/97-08/20/97

Complex congenital heart disease

"God created memories so that we might have roses in December."--Italo Svevo

Chrislyn Rae

11/29/94 -12/22/94


Congenital Heart Defect


When the time is right, you will be back in

my arms right where you belong. Until then I can only love you from

afar and miss you more than words can say.

Love, Mommy

Michaela Elisabet Charlotte Andersson



Congenital Heart Defect


I miss my little heart angel.


Mom, Dad, Angelica (sister) and Mattias (brother)

Sydney Allison Russell

06/02/99 - 08/03/99


Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy


" A moment in our lives, a lifetime in our hearts."

Anderson Lawrence Darley

04/06/00 - 5/23/00


Downs Syndrome & Congenital Heart Defect, but

cause of death not yet known


Our little man lit up our lives in the short time he was here. He showed

us what true and unconditional love really is. Anderson is in our hearts

always. We miss you my Sweet Boy

Lucia Zoe Ostojic-Portello 



TPVR, total anomaly of pulmonary vein, but died due to a 

kidney abscess from an undiagnosed strep infection and blood poisoning

Makayla Zayne Hogue

02/17/96 - 02/18/96


Potter's Syndrome


Dear Makayla, 

We find comfort in the knowledge that there is a star in heaven that belongs to us. We miss you.


Love Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa Hogue

Kenyon Lee Zierof

06/09/2000 - 06/10/2000

Mosaic Trisomy 22, Trachea Atresia and Heart Anomoly

Kenyon, Thank you for being a fighter so you could meet us.  Some day I will hold you again. Come, walk with me in the park.  We love to hear you laugh and see you run.

Love, Your Mom and Dad

Zachary Wayne Brooks

06/02/99 - 11/30/99


Zachary passed away during surgery to repair one of his two congenital heart defects.


Everyone misses you and loves you Zachary, you are thought of everyday and

dreamed of every night. Until we meet again, and again, I can see your

precious smiles, you will always be held close in our hearts.  You were our

angel on earth, and now we have our personal guardian angel in heaven.

Kent Robert Bodi

7/11/00 - 7/15/00


Pulmonary arteriovenous malformation

(heart defect)

To our precious angel Kent,


Although your life was short, you have

touched us deeply and we look forward to the day that we can be together.

You are loved and missed deeply.

Love Mom, Dad & Blake (sister age 9)

Bailey Ann Herrmann

02/14/97 - 06/17/97


Left pulmonary vein stenosis, right pulmonary vein atresia, ASD, VSD, Pulmonary Hypertension

Our little Bailey Girl, how we miss you so!
Not an hour of the day goes by that we are not thinking of you!
The Angels called you much sooner than we had liked or planned,
And we have braved the bitter grief, and are still trying to understand!
We can feel you living in the hearts of all you've touched,
For nothing loved is ever lost...
And you are loved so much!

Nicole Langford

12/8/86 - 5/8/87


Hole in her heart - died after attempts to repair it


Leslie Sue Large

04/18/99 - 6/28/00


TOF with Absent Pulmonary Valve

We miss your silly faces and heart warming smiles so much.
We love you sweet Angel baby,
Mama and Daddy


Jacob Michael Bestgen


October 10th, 2000 .. 5:40pm-11:50pm


Ebstein's Anomaly

Our dearest little Saint Jacob - you are fovever in our hearts until we meet you again.   Look after our family from your heavenly home.   We miss you so very much!   Love - Mommy, Daddy and Josh

Alex Zachary Matthew Saladino

04/20/96 - 12/31/00

Down syndrome and TOF


Alex was born with Down syndrome and TOF. He was not expected to live past six months of age. He

fought his way back from multiple near death experiences, learning to walk,

talk and eat. Things professionals said he'd never do. He suffered a

cardiac arrest 12/29/00 during a routine CAT scan for a sinus infection. He was declared brain dead on 12/31/00. His liver, pancreas and intestines were donated to give another child a second chance at life. His family loves him

and misses him dearly.

Matthew Bankert

02/22/00 - 02/21/01


Tricuspid Atresia


07/1/97 - 09/16/97


Multiple heart defects


We all love you and miss you !!!

Dad ,Mom,
Kyle ,Laura Kristina, Darus, Derek and Brayden .