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Kenyon Lee Zierof

06/09/2000 - 06/10/2000

Mosaic Trisomy 22, Trachea Atresia and Heart Anomoly

Kenyon, Thank you for being a fighter so you could meet us.  Some day I will hold you again. Come, walk with me in the park.  We love to hear you laugh and see you run.

Love, Your Mom and Dad


Jeffrey Mark Sargent

03/14/81 - 12/29/96

Car Accident


and twin brother,


Jonathan Steven Sargent

03/14/81 - 10/13/99

Car Accident


Dear boys,

We miss you both so much.  One day, we will all be together again.  Until then, know that our love for you both will live on in our hearts forever.


We love you.

Mom, Dad and Katelyn


Zachary Wayne Brooks

06/02/99 - 11/30/99


Zachary passed away during surgery to repair one of his two congenital heart defects.


Everyone misses you and loves you Zachary, you are thought of everyday and

dreamed of every night. Until we meet again, and again, I can see your

precious smiles, you will always be held close in our hearts.  You were our

angel on earth, and now we have our personal guardian angel in heaven.


Cole Anthony

08/30/82 - 03/08/93


ATV Accident


Cole's Legacy ~ The gift of life and sight



Hunter Reed Tharpe

11/28/99 - 12/1/99

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome



and brother,



Tyler Maxwell Tharpe

12/22/95 - 4/4/00





Sherri Lynn

05/26/67 - 06/17/67

Congenital Heart Defect - Transposition of the Great Vessels






09/20/65 - 12/21/80

Brain tumor



and brother,




Kyle Allen

03/15/69 - 11/22/95

Complicated heart defect-died waiting for a heart-lung transplant.........Become a donor.....give the gift of life.



No greater gift

could one posses

than the love

of a child.

Gone from our lives

but never from our hearts.

We love and miss you all so much,

Mom & Dad







Baby Herron


Cause of death unknown

We thinking about you and we'll meet in person someday.


Mom & Dad



03/24/97 - 11/22/99



Peyton Michael

12/17/98 - 12/23/98


When someone come into our lives....
and they are too quietly and quickly gone,
they leave footprints on our hearts....
and their memory stays with us forever.


Jake William McCorkill

2/19/96 - 5/30/00


Cerebral Palsy

(born 12 weeks early)