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Kent Robert Bodi

7/11/00 - 7/15/00


Pulmonary arteriovenous malformation

(heart defect)

To our precious angel Kent,


Although your life was short, you have

touched us deeply and we look forward to the day that we can be together.

You are loved and missed deeply.

Love Mom, Dad & Blake (sister age 9)


Skyler Edward Ardvig

05/02/99 - 03/04/00


Pulmonary hypertension


and cousin,


Ethan Edward Cusick

4/21/00 - 8/5/00




Gentle Jesus meek and mild

Please look after our little child.

He was born with love and so
It is with love we let him go.


Courtney Lynn Beall Griffith

06/07/00 - 07/26/00


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome



Justin Anthony James Daws

06/19/99 - 08/30/00




You will always be loved and will remain in our hearts.




Beck Andrew Stevenson

11/28/88 - 1/12/89



"If all our fondest memories could be kept and never spent, we'd treasure

most this chip of time when Beck came and went."


and sister,


Sophie-Elise Bryony "Elli"

10/13/99 - 12/8/99




"There's a wee baby moon, floatin' in the sky with her little silvery toes

in the air, and she's all by herself in the deep blue sky but my wee baby

moon doesn't care."


Love, Mommy, Daddy, Autumn, Seth, Brenna, Jonas and Georgia







Ryan "Ryany" Garnier Sanfrancesco

12/22/98 - 07/27/00




Ryany, our beautiful boy, when we think of you we see your big brown eyes and

long eyelashes, your rosy cheeks and rosebud lips, your beaming smiling face

and belly laugh and most of all your big heart and gentle nature.


We adore you.  You lit up our whole world. Although our hearts ache without

you, we know that you are now with all your new angel friends and that you

will share with them your happy and beautiful spirit. We long to be with you



Lots of love always, Mum and Dad








Jordan Alexander Pressner

12/31/96 - 12/01/99

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


I think about you daily and look at your picture everyday. Your sister and

twin brother miss you greatly. You are now our guardian angel and will watch

over us with the biggest heart around. I love you and miss you!! xoxo Mommy