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  HLHS Angels 
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Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) is a devastating congenital heart defect that, once identified, sends families into a nightmarish tailspin.  If parents know about the defect prior to a baby's birth, they are usually given three options:  compassionate care, heart transplant or a series of three operations.  Although great strides have been made over the past decade in the treatment of HLHS, it continues to cause tremendous grief and loss for those families who lose their precious angels to this disease.  Please say special prayers for the HLHS children and their families listed below.

Benjamin John Cusick

03/09/98 - 04/26/00

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


A love like ours was a once in a lifetime dream come true.  Thank you so much precious son.  

Love, Mommy

Noah Wray

 11/10/99 - 03/09/01

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


Died after heart transplant


Jeremy Ryan

11/20/98 - 09/06/00

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


Emma Lassila

08/21/00 - 09/09/00


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


Her stay with us was brief, but we'll forever cherish

every minute we had her.

We are grateful to God for the time that we were able

to have Emma with us.

We were able to experience a love for her unlike any

other. Although we were only able to hold her hands

for a short while, we will hold her heart in ours


Logan Vaught

12/7/98 - 12/8/98


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome



A red, a yellow and a blue

I'll blow them up and then I'll tie bright colored balloons,

just for you.

I'll let them go, I'll let them fly

So free and bold, 

they'll brighten the sky.

Like jewels, they'll glitter and shine.

So strong and free, my angel, 

just like you.


All my love,


Benjamin Christopher Ratcliffe Goldie

04/29/99 - 06/22/99


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

The joy of your presence still lights up our lives, and we miss you more than words can say. We will see you again one day. All our love, Mummy and Daddy

Spencer Cole Smith

02/21/00 - 3/3/00


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Be sure to take care of our dog Buddy, Spencer.  He likes to play catch with the ball.  Love, your little cousins, Janey & Belle


Once only, with one hand,

Your mother in farewell

Touched you. I cannot tell,

I cannot understand

A thing so dark and deep,

So physical a loss:

One touch, and that was all

She had of you to keep.


Eight lines from "Pieta", James McAuley Collected Poems.


Carson "Whit" Cullum

05/26/94 - 05/27/94


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Chancellor Nicolas Middleton

5/15/99 - 6/15/99


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

(cause of death, brain injury due to blood infection following corrective surgery)


Chance would have been one year old on 5/15/2000.  He probably would have been playing basketball or, if mommy had any say, football. He also had the longest fingers, so maybe he would have liked playing the piano.


He was the light of his mommy's life and touched many lives in the 31 days he was on this earth.


09/17/96 - 09/26/96


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


"All we wanted was to keep you!"



Mandy Lee

04/21/95 - 05/31/95


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Trevor Paul Lauer

05/31/96 - 07/06/96


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


Some day soon we'll be together,
We love you so, our little Trevor.

Matthew Charles Barr

07/01/97 - 07/09/97


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


You are with me every day, in my heart, Matthew.  As long as I am on this earth, you will not be forgotten.  I know I will see you again. Until then..... I love you forever.



Coby Tyler

10/19/99 - 5/14/00


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


03/24/97 - 11/22/99


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Peyton Michael

12/17/98 - 12/23/98


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

When someone come into our lives....
and they are too quietly and quickly gone,
they leave footprints on our hearts....
and their memory stays with us forever.

Courtney Lynn Beall Griffith

06/07/00 - 07/26/00


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Jordan Alexander Pressner

12/31/96 - 12/01/99


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


I think about you daily and look at your picture everyday. Your sister and

twin brother miss you greatly. You are now our guardian angel and will watch

over us with the biggest heart around. I love you and miss you!! xoxo Mommy

Brendan Heinly

05/17/97 - 04/03/98


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


His life has given us
strength, courage, and a rare opportunity to experience unconditional love in its purest form. He will
forever be missed, he will forever be loved. He will never be forgotten.

Brendon Eugene Grennan

08/02/99 - 01/03/00


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


I don't know why God took you Brendon; your big eyes and sweet smile are missed so much. My sweet Brendon, until the day mom and dad can hold you again, you will be held forever in our hearts. - - We love you!

Jonathan Matthew Walker

10/15/97 - 08/27/98


Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and DORV


Jonathan, we miss your smile, your sweet kisses, and your silly games. Your new baby brother came into the world just three days after what would have been your first birthday. Watch over us, angel, until we are reunited in the heavens above.

Matthew Ryan Crocker

05/22/91 - 07/23/96


Hypoplastic Left Heart

Died after heart transplant


Matthew, You've touched so many hearts in your short stay here on earth. So
many people that we met from your teachers, doctors, volunteers at
Make-a-Wish, sports figures, friends and on and on. But to your family, the
ones who loved you so very much, you will forever live on in our hearts and
lives always. You are our precious angel in Heaven and we know you're
looking after us here on earth. We miss you with all of our hearts! Take
good care of Grandpa!

Derek Michael Pederson

05/22/00 - 09/13/00


Hypoplastic Left Heart

(Died due to ischemic bowel)


Derek Michael, We miss you so very much.  We wish you were here with us.  We love you now and forever.  You made such and imprint on our lives.  You are forever in our thoughts and in our hearts.  We love you buddy!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

Jesse Peter Landers

07/06/00 - 10/02/00


Hypoplastic Left Heart


Dear Son ,
The 3 months we spent with you were the best 3 months of our lives. We love you more than anything, Jesse, and are so sorry that we couldn't keep you.  You're in our thoughts every minute. We miss you so much ,'ll
never be forgotten.

Love Always,
Momma and Daddy

Natalie Cooper Ciepielinski

06/18/00 - 06/23/00


Hypoplastic Left Heart - died four hours after the Norwood


Oh Natalie, Mommy, Daddy, and Austin love and miss you so
much. We miss your long skinny fingers, and your little double chin. We
miss the funny little faces you made before you started to cry. We miss
everything about you, and we always will until we can hold you again in

Corey Joseph Gindling



Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


To our Corey,

There is not a day that goes by that we don't think of you.  You will always be a part of our family.  We miss you so much.   Our life will never be complete until one day we will all be united again.  You live in our hearts and we will never ever forget you little man.


Daddy, Mommy, Tyler, Dustin, and Keegan

Keaton Christopher Pittman
12/29/95 - 1/23/96


Died from a blood clot 

Keaton, you would have been almost five now. Grandma and Grandpa and your mommy miss you very
much. Your Uncles miss you also and guess what? You have a little cousin and another on the way.
Not a day goes by that we don't think about you and from the way this web site appears, you have lots of playmates
in Heaven. We love you very much, Keaton. 

Love, Grandma

Austin Michael Morse

01/12/00 - 9/11/00


Coarctation of the aorta
unbalanced AVSD
Aortic Hyploshania (undeveloped aorta)


Cause of death: Staph infection and a heart attack

Matthew James Coley

02/09/00 - 03/06/00



Brian Edward Ehrman

"Babie Eddie"






Your time with us was short but you touched a lot of lives. You were

beautiful and a fighter.  We will never forget you. God gave you to us for a

special reason, and now you are in heaven with him. We love you and miss you, and we can't wait to meet again in heaven


Mom, Dad & Ashley


Paris Kelsey Felsman

12/04/98 - 12/04/98




We think of you always

We miss you and wish we could hold you one more time.

 Love Mummy, Daddy, and your little brother, Nathan

Benjamin Michael Wilson

02/25/98 - 05/13/98



Mikayla Jean Stout

12/24/98 - 01/29/01


HLHS - unknown cause but due to complete heart block few months prior

We are holding you in our hearts and standing on the promises of God that we will be reunited in heaven.

Love Daddy, Mommy, and Amanda.


Thomas William Turner

11/11/97 - 11/21/97


HLHS and Pulmonary Stenosis


Mommy, Daddy and Allison love you...we are proud of you