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  Special Angels 
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Sara Victoria Koski

02/04/99 - 07/16/00

Accidental Drowning

My Sweet Sara, Mommy has filled these balloons with all of my love, hugs, and kisses.  I think of you every day, every hour, every moment.  When God calls me Home, I will hold you in my lap, just like I use to do and whisper softly in your ear "Sara, Mommy Loves You."

Gabriella  Heather Robinson 

10/29/97 -

Positional asphyxia (she slipped between her bed and the wall)


My precious baby, words could never express how precious you are to me.  I miss you so much and hope you are having fun La-La.

Love, Mommy and Clayton."

Michelle Marie Greever 

08/24/84 - 11/05/93

Struck by car while boarding school bus

Our Precious Angel, on earth you gave your all, so many lives you saved in so many ways, we all go on without your physical presence but in my heart and through organ donation you will live on until we join you for all eternity in paradise...One Sweet Day.. You are the light of my life!

Love always, Your Family and Friends!


Patrick Joel Mielke

04/16/81- 08/17/83


Cardiac Arrest during tonsillectomy


Patrick Joel Mielke, child of God, loaned to us for a very short time.

Ryan Michael Saberon  

07/14/90 - 10/25/98


"Little Boy in Blue"

Sydnie Claire

03/24/93 - 06/14/97




SYDNIE CLAIRE is my little Sunshine, my little Rainbow, my beautiful little Girl, one of the Lights of my Life and she's also my LITTLE SAINT.

Kurt Osweiler

04/28/90 - 10/16/96


Hit by a van while crossing the street

Jackson Taylor Godek

04/20/97 - 04/11/99


Died due to a bacterial infection that entered into his blood stream and sent him into cardiac arrest.


"He is our precious angel now and forever."

Michael "Haden" Welch

10/20/92 - 3/7/97


myleodysplasia (rare blood disorder) with monosomy 7

Cole Anthony

08/30/82 - 03/08/93


ATV Accident


Cole's Legacy ~ The gift of life and sight

Jake William McCorkill

2/19/96 - 5/30/00


Cerebral Palsy

(born 12 weeks early)

Kyia Lynn Davidson

03/06/98 - 05/28/00

Cause of death unknown
Kyia, we all miss you and think of you
daily. You'll be in our hearts always!
Loving you and missing you,
Your family
& new little sister Hailey


05/22/91 - 07/23/96

Kaylyn Rae Owen

7/22/97 - 10/25/98

Complications from

an inutero stroke

We love and miss you so much, Kaylyn. Mommy misses looking upon that sweet face and whispering in your ear, "I love you."  Our lives have changed forever.
Love mommy, daddy, Kyle and Khloe

Jonathan Dwayne Pace

05/13/94 - 06/14/99

Bacterial Meningitis


Our cherished little man, we miss you so much! The pain and longing is almost too much to bear. We hold you in our hearts and dreams until we can be with you in Heaven.
Sending you love through the clouds, Daddy, Mommy and your "Sissies"

Serenity Brianna Renee Smithem


01/27/97 - 03/31/00


(Liver Cancer)

Tyler Lee Palamo


11/16/93 - 01/19/01




Tyler, Kevin and your family loves you.


Ray Adrian Reyes


12/9/90 - 08/03/00

Massive grand mal seizure

My Special Angel Ray

My sweetest little baby, forever a child to me;

The most precious little angel anyone did see.

He never spoke, He never walked, He never kissed my face;

But his calm serene beauty had such a peaceful grace.

We wished we could go back in time, and erase that awful day;

But Heaven is where Ray is now, his footsteps lead the way.

We will follow in his path, to live ,to love to share;

He had an inner Peace and Love, that is so very rare.

He loved and graced our hearts with joy, that angel now above;

We miss him ,Oh so desperately, and send him ALL our love.

Goodbye, for now my angel, Please stop and wait for me;

I won't forget you sweetheart, and In heaven you will be.......

Written In Love: J.A. Reyes

Justyn Logan Rogers

08/24/95 - 05/15/00


Respiratory failure - hydrocephalus & severe motor skill delays


God used Justyn to love us deeper than we had ever been loved and we miss him almost more than air.  But he is dancing with the king.


Dustin Duane Eudy

04/14/82 - 06/14/99



Our Dearest Dustin, we miss you so very much. We love you more than

words can ever express and we will always love you. You are our angel in

heaven now, but you will always be our beloved son. The day you left, you

took a very big part of us with you. Someday we will be together again in


We love you,

Mom, Dad, Tawnya, Michelle, and Anissa.

David Louis Cohen, Jr.


07/21/97 - 01/24/01

Homicide, fatal shot to the head


We all love you very much. 
From Mama and daddy, and Laura
And all of your friends and relatives


Jordyn Ashliegh Fitzpatrick

03/30/98 - 05/08/00

Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Justyn Logan Rogers


05/24/95 - 05/15/00


hydrocephalus, and severe motor skill delays