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Anderson Lawrence Darley

04/06/00 - 5/23/00


Downs Syndrome & Congenital Heart Defect, but

cause of death not yet known


Our little man lit up our lives in the short time he was here. He showed

us what true and unconditional love really is. Anderson is in our hearts

always. We miss you my Sweet Boy



Bailey Brown

06/06/98 - 06/06/98


Complications due to premature birth



Kurt Osweiler

04/28/90 - 10/16/96


Hit by a van while crossing the street


Sydnie Claire

03/24/93 - 06/14/97




SYDNIE CLAIRE is my little Sunshine, my little Rainbow, my beautiful little Girl, one of the Lights of my Life and she's also my LITTLE SAINT.


Michael "Haden" Welch

10/20/92 - 3/7/97


myleodysplasia (rare blood disorder) with monosomy 7


Lucia Zoe Ostojic-Portello 



TPVR, total anomaly of pulmonary vein, but died due to a 

kidney abscess from an undiagnosed strep infection and blood poisoning








Daniel: I know you have a wonderful life in your heaven and have many good friends and I hope you can see your little brother, Jonatan, down here. We shall never forget you. I miss you so and love you.



Emelie Landell

07/31/98 - 10/03/98



My darling daughter, take care of yourself and your little sister.

I love you both so much!


Richard Steven






Lucas Per Michael Thorslund

11/26/97 - 6/6/98


Complications due to  premature birth (RS-Virous)


We miss you so much our little angel. Thank you for every smile you gave us.  One day we will meet you again!

Your mother, father and siblings


Jackson Taylor Godek

04/20/97 - 04/11/99


Died due to a bacterial infection that entered into his blood stream and sent him into cardiac arrest.


"He is our precious angel now and forever."


Makayla Zayne Hogue

02/17/96 - 02/18/96


Potter's Syndrome


Dear Makayla, 

We find comfort in the knowledge that there is a star in heaven that belongs to us. We miss you.


Love Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa Hogue