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Jennifer, your dying wish

 is being fulfilled, "Twice an Angel" is going all over the U.S. to help Lyme's patients.



Meagan, I am so honored you chose us to be your family.

Love, Mom


Jennifer Sue Umphress

07/16/73 - 08/26/94

Lyme's Disease


and adopted sister,


Meagan L. Stoodt 

01/01/76 - 01/12/97

Car accident





09/17/96 - 09/26/96

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


"All we wanted was to keep you!"

Gabriella  Heather Robinson 

10/29/97 - 09/16/98

Positional asphyxia (she slipped between her bed and the wall)


My precious baby, words could never express how precious you are to me.  I miss you so much and hope you are having fun La-La.

Love, Mommy and Clayton."



Mandy Lee

04/21/95 - 05/31/95

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Michelle Marie Greever 

08/24/84 - 11/05/93

Struck by car while boarding school bus

Our Precious Angel, on earth you gave your all, so many lives you saved in so many ways, we all go on without your physical presence but in my heart and through organ donation you will live on until we join you for all eternity in paradise...One Sweet Day.. You are the light of my life!

Love always, Your Family and Friends!

Trevor Paul Lauer

05/31/96 - 07/06/96


Some day soon we'll be together,
We love you so, our little Trevor.

Grace Brianna Carter

12/16/98 - 12/17/98


32 1/2 hours with our precious angel was all that God could share.  In those precious hours, she touched the hearts of many and changed our lives forever.

Matthew Charles Barr

07/01/97 - 07/09/97

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


You are with me every day, in my heart, Matthew.  As long as I am on this earth, you will not be forgotten.  I know I will see you again. Until then..... I love you forever.


Chance - Miscarried and due 3/2/85

Brandon - Stillborn 3/2/85 - 3/2/85

Ryan - Primary Pulmonary Hypertension 3/2/85- 11/27/86

Justin Thomas Colley

5/74 - 6/74



We love you! Mom misses you very much! Until we meet, Big Bro...

Your loving little sis,


So many things I would love to say 

Why did you have to go away?

So many times I wish you were here

To say Hey my big brother is near!

All the things we would have gone through together

But still, we'll be bonded forever.

God took you for a reason and that reason, I don't know,

But when it's my heaven I'll go.

And when I get there, then I will see

That heaven is where you had to be.

Until then, I promise that your memory will live on...

Just like day's every dawn.