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  Sibling Angels 
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Matthew Thomas Cusick

2/14/94 - 4/28/94



and brother,


Benjamin John Cusick

3/9/98 - 4/26/00

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome


Thank you for every minute of your time sweet boys.  We will NEVER, EVER forget either of you.


Love, Mom, Dad, Nicole and Connor



Elizabeth Marie Gosch

05/18/94 - 07/28/94



and little brother,


Nicholas Gosch

01/05/96 - 05/11/97





Jennifer Sue Umphress

07/16/73 - 08/26/94

Lyme's Disease


and adopted sister,


Meagan L. Stoodt 

01/01/76 - 01/12/97

Car accident



Jennifer, your dying wish

 is being fulfilled, "Twice an Angel" is going all over the U.S. to help Lyme's patients.



Meagan, I am so honored you chose us to be your family.

Love, Mom

Chance - Miscarried and due 3/2/85

Brandon - Stillborn 3/2/85 - 3/2/85

Ryan - Primary Pulmonary Hypertension 3/2/85- 11/27/86


Kristin Katherine Cole -  

3/24/89 - 5/28/93


Karah Jean Cole -

12/6/90 - 5/31/93


Car Accident

Jeffrey Mark Sargent

03/14/81 - 12/29/96

Car Accident


and twin brother,


Jonathan Steven Sargent

03/14/81 - 10/13/99

Car Accident


Dear boys,

We miss you both so much.  One day, we will all be together again.  Until then, know that our love for you both will live on in our hearts forever.


We love you.

Mom, Dad and Katelyn




Hunter Reed Tharpe

11/27/99 - 12/1/99

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome



and brother,



Tyler Maxwell Tharpe

12/22/95 - 4/8/00


Sherri Lynn

05/26/67 - 06/17/67

Congenital Heart Defect - Transposition of the Great Vessels






09/20/65 - 12/21/80

Brain tumor



and brother,




Kyle Allen

03/15/69 - 11/22/95

Complicated heart defect-died waiting for a heart-lung transplant.........Become a donor.....give the gift of life.



No greater gift

could one posses

than the love

of a child.

Gone from our lives

but never from our hearts.

We love and miss you all so much,

Mom & Dad





Skyler Edward Aarvig

05/02/99 - 03/04/00


Pulmonary hypertension


and cousin,


Ethan Edward Cusick

4/21/00 - 8/5/00




Gentle Jesus meek and mild

Please look after our little child.

He was born with love and so
It is with love we let him go.

Beck Andrew Stevenson

11/28/88 - 1/12/89



"If all our fondest memories could be kept and never spent, we'd treasure

most this chip of time when Beck came and went."


and sister,


Sophie-Elise Bryony "Elli"

10/13/99 - 12/8/99




"There's a wee baby moon, floatin' in the sky with her little silvery toes

in the air, and she's all by herself in the deep blue sky but my wee baby

moon doesn't care."


Love, Mommy, Daddy, Autumn, Seth, Brenna, Jonas and Georgia


Amberleigh Breana Howell

05/04/93 - 07/11/93


and brother,

Cory Michael Howell



Born five months too soon


Jacey Dee Buller


Weight 1lb 5oz and 11 inches - Premature birth

Preceded in death by her twin sibling


Mommy and Daddy miss you both very much.  You are our angels in heaven!

12/10/96 - 1/9/01

Aspirated into lungs


March Angel



(Low progestrone)



November Angel



 (Low progestrone)


We will always love you... Someday we will all be together again.. XOXOXO 

Sydney Marie Walsh

07/21/95 - 11/17/99


Cerebral Palsy, CHD, Seizure Disorder


We love and miss you more than anything in the world, Nini, our world is so dark now that our sunshine girl is gone. Until we are able to be together again, don't ever forget how much we love you, Mama, Daddy, Jaycob and Emma


and twin sister, 


Cheyanne Walsh


Born still due to twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome


We love you peanut, please help Sydney adjust to her new life with you. You are always in our thoughts and hearts, love always, Mama, Daddy, Jaycob and Emma






Patrick Goede 

Stillborn 4/4/96 at 21 weeks of pregnancy


Stephan Goede,

Stillborn 4/17/97 at 16 weeks of pregnancy


Edwin Goede,

Stillborn 9/2/00 at 15 weeks of pregnancy


All three died due umbilical cord problems (twisted and thinner)


My three little boys, you're in heaven,
but someday, we'll meet again!
Lots of love,




Daniel Arthur Reatherford



Died right after birth - premie


Brandon Arthur Reatherford

08/13/84 - 08/05/85



My sons, I hope you are in heaven having the time of your life.  Please keep watching over us.  Thank you sons.





Natasha Kaitlyn Davison

12/17/97 - 06/25/00

Hypoxia related to diagnosis of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease


Our precious angel Natasha, we miss you so much. We wish we could have found out why you were so sick sooner and given you a better chance. We will see you soon. Please take care of Mackenzie. Love Mom, Dad, Sammi and Connor


and sister,


Mackenzie Katrina Davison

03/10/00 - 03/02/01

Liver failure related to Adenovirus and diagnosis of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease


Mackenzie we tried to give you the best chance at a normal life. Everything happened so quickly. I dont think we had a chance to say good-bye. Natasha will watch over you. We cant wait until we can all be together again. Love Mom, Dad, Sammi and Connor